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Assembling and Configuring Web Applications ... This following sections describe the deployment descriptor elements defined in the web.xml file. ... login- config.

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... This tag defines the authorisation methods for the application, as well as any attributes required for BASIC or FORM-based authentication. This is a ...

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Create a web.xml deployment descriptor and add the appropriate security elements ... /logonError.jsp  ...

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Feb 11, 2009 ... The deployment descriptor, web.xml is the most important Java EE ... The login- config.xml element in web.xml would look like the following: 1. 1.

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Nov 2, 2017 ... According to JSR-315 Servlet 3.0 Specification : Ch13.6.3 (pg132),. The only way to configure form-based authentication is by using ...

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The remaining steps in this procedure assume that you renamed the web.xml file copied to the ... Modification of the login-config element is not necessary.

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Jul 23, 2014 ... ... user . Then add to or create a jboss-web.xml: Configuring the web.xml


Configuring the web.xml ... ... The next step is define your FORM login configuration using the login-config ...

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xml files in the file system. Eclipse Navigator View. The tomcat-demo web.xml is shown below. The login-config element contains the auth-method element, which  ...

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Following is a sample entry in web.xml − . ... The login-config element is used to describe the BASIC form of authentication. If you try browsing any ...

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